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Rover Wheel v.2.0 Kit


Kell ideas

 169,99 USD


Rover Wheel v.2.0 Kit

Rover Wheel v.2.0 is used in newest Leo Rovers v.1.6. Now you can use the design in your own projects with no need of getting the whole Rover.

The wheel is provided as a kit - super easy to build with only basic tools needed.

How to assemble? See: https://docs.leorover.tech/assembly-manuals/wheel-assembly
3D models: https://drive.google.com/open?...


  • 12V DC motor with 12 CPR magnetic encoder
  • Motor specifications: 1 Nm, 40 RPM rated speed, planetary 3-stage gearbox with 73.1:1 ratio - see more
  • CNC-machined hub and motor tube, 3D-printed rim, torque plate and wheel mounts, rubber tire, 2x ball bearings
  • Prepared with 10cm 2x power wires and 4x encoder wires
  • Sealed with rubber seals to comply with IP66 protection rate
  • Provided with 2x M5 mounting holes that fit Rover Scarecrow

(The wheel stand is not included)

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