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This is a fully assembled, ready to go Leo Rover robot platform just waiting for you to fire it up and take it for adventures.

Product's highlights

  • Up to 4 hours of continuous driving
  • Fun to assemble
  • Open source and ROS-based
  • Watertight sturdy design
  • 5Mpx camera and live streaming
  • Capability of 5kg of equipment

The easiest way to program and customize your own robot

More compact and lighter than most, the Leo Rover mobile robot consists of a rectangular platform mounted on a 4-wheel drive chassis, capable of adapting to the most difficult terrains as it's designed to be reliable, watertight, and extendable. Open-source reversible software enables you to go deep into a core and gives you the opportunity to freely try new ideas.

Mobiler Roboter Leo Rover mit raspberry pi

A WiFi hotspot and live video streaming

This Raspberry Pi mobile robot can generate a WiFi hotspot to which you can then connect simply using your tablet, mobile phone, or computer. You will then benefit from a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and be able to control your mobile robot remotely on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. Then launch the live video streaming to see through your rover’s eyes thanks to its onboard camera! The camera has a resolution of 5 MPx and uses a Fisheye lens with a 170 deg field of view. The rover’s intuitive live streaming software was inspired by the missions carried out by exploration robots on Mars.



Fully configurable

Built on a Raspberry Pi, Leo Rover offers a wide range of connectors allowing you to add extra modules. As Raspberry Pi is synonymous with open source, you can develop your own DIY Martian rover as you like.

Leo Rover runs on the Robot Operating System (ROS) – known for easiness of both autonomy and semi-autonomy features implementation. What’s more, the robot is designed to be customized as you see fit, as it’s equipped with a mounting platform to which you can attach various components. 


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As we're constantly improving the design, the Rover you receive may look and act a little different than seen in the videos and demos. Don't worry though, our team will help you customize it to your own needs.

Product includes:

  • Leo Rover Developer Kit (all the parts needed to build your Rover)
  • Battery charger
  • Hex-head screwdriver to mount/dismount additional modules
  • Access to the official community Slack pivate channel for support, troubleshooting and help with integrations


Leo Rover unboxing video:


Manuals & docs:

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