Leo Rover is an outdoor Robotics Development Kit.

Designed to be reliable, watertight and extendable.

Leo Rover is a great tool for your own mobile robotics development.
Leo Rover provides a sturdy mobile robot platform with remote control, video streaming, odometry and simple autonomy capabilities.
You can finally stop thinking about the basics and spend the time and energy on your own research and the job to be done!


Leo Rover is a newer version of Turtle Rover and it's even cooler than before!


Mechanics interfaces
Electronics interfaces


How long does it take to assemble the Rover?
Do I need to buy anything other than Dev Kit to built the Rover?
What tools and knowledge do I need to assemble the Rover?
Can I write my own software to the Rover?
Is the Rover autonomous?

Our vision is to support  even
the craziest robotics ideas.

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