Leo Rover is an outdoor Robotics Development Kit.

Designed to be reliable, watertight and extendable.


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Size and performance


Weight: 6,5 kg
Dimensions: 447x433x249 mm
Payload capacity: ca. 5 kg

Upper platform mounting dimensions

Dimensions: 299 x 183 mm
Hole grid: 18 x 15 mm
Holes: 40 x Φ 7mm + 22 x Φ 5,5mm


Estimated maximum obstacle size: 70 mm
Protection rating: complies with IP66 (not certified)

Run time: Estimated 4 hrs of nominal driving

Connection range: Up to 100m (with live video stream)


Motors: 4 x in-hub DC motor with 73.2:1 planetary gearbox and 12 CPR encoder
Wheel diameter: 130 mm
Tire material: rubber with foam insert (non-pneumatic)


Voltage: 11.1 V DC
Capacity: 5000 mAh
Type: Li-Ion with internal PCM
Short-circuit, overcurrent and overdrain safety features
Max. current: 8A (total for the whole Rover)


Max. linear speed: ca. 0.4 m/s
Max. angular speed: ca. 60 deg/s

Camera and network


Camera resolution: 5 MPx
Lens: Fisheye with 170 deg field of view (IR non-filtered; night-vision allowed)


WiFi 2.4 GHz access point with external antenna
WiFi 2.4 GHZ + 5 GHz on internal RPi antennas for connectivity


Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 + Robot Operating System
Ready-to-go UI located under '' when using standard Leo Software Image.
Open source firmware

leo rover research kit


RaspberryPi 4B 2GB (or higher) as the main computer

LeoCore as real-time microcontroller: STM32F4 (@84MHz, 64KB RAM, 256KB Flash)

Connection interfaces

Externally available

1x waterproof microUSB socket
1x antenna RP-SMA male socket
1x 3-pin Weipu SP13 12V power socket

Internal open interfaces

RaspberryPi's: 2x USB, 20x GPIO, RJ45 Ethernet, 1x RPi display port, Bluetooth 5.0 with BLE


You need any web-enabled device to access stock UI under '' in your browser.
Device requirements: Windows/Linux/Android/macOS

For easier development ROS on your device is highly recommended.


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Can I write my own software to the Rover?
Is the Rover autonomous?
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