Leo Rover 1.8 Developer Kit

Research-ready platform to base your robotics projects on

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you want to build a mobile robot.
Focus on the functionalities that really matter. We’ll take care of all the rest!
Leo Rover is the easiest way to build any robot you want.

Leo Rover is an outdoor/indoor Robot Development Kit.

Leo Rover is a stable mobile robot you can deploy outdoors as well as indoors. Designed to bereliable, watertight and extendable. Also ready to withstand any environment.
A small scale robot capable of working in every condition.

Fully configurable and open source 4x4 mobile robot.

Leo Rover is a reliable platform to base your research project on - rugged, ROS-ready mobile robot platform for researchers. Easy to assemble (less than 8h), customize, and maintain. Whether used as a platform for carrying equipment or as an integrated laboratory, the Leo Rover offers you a powerful tool for your scientific project.


Built for researchers by researchers.

Leo Rover is the World's first land drone designed by Mars rover engineers. We know what it feels like to walk in your shoes - we all come from the academic field.

Ace your scientific progress with Leo Rover!


Become one of 400+ researchers who already use Leo Rover

“We are very happy with the robots and so are our students. The rovers are very practical and easy to use.”
prof. Miguel Olivares Mendez
University of Luxembourg
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University of Luxembourgh

In the finals of ESA/ESRIC Space Resources Challenge.

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University of Bristol

A radiation mapping tool used in Fukushima nuclear plant.

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LunAres Research Station

Analog facility for simulating manned space missions

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Designed to be reliable, watertight and extendable.
6.5kg - 5kg payload - 4hrs driving - Ubuntu + ROS

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Check the Leo Rover in Gazebo

Simulated together with ZED2 and Marsyard models to play with.

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