Build and program
your own robot.

Assemble your own Leo Rover
and find real-life challenges to work with.

ROS integration
5 MPx camera
with streaming
RaspberryPi inside
leo rover camera

Starting at $2399, Leo Rover is the base you can work with.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you want to build a mobile robot, focus on the add-ons and the functionalities that really matter.
Leo Rover is a stable mobile platform you can deploy outdoor as it’s waterproof and built tough enough for extreme environment.

It’s only up to you how the Rover works.

Leo Rover is open-source and built on RaspberryPi. You can put up to 5 kg of equipment on top and it’s waterproof. With open USB, I2C, CAN, UART and servo connections you can use any of-the-shelf components to provide new functionalities.

open source rover raspberry

Mount addons and customize freely

robotic arm trossenusb waterproof camerarobotic arm trossenrobotic arm trossenrotating platform servo
see the documentation ->

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