Build and program
your own robot.

Assemble your own Leo Rover
and find real-life challenges to work with.

Leo Rover is a newer version of Turtle Rover and it's even cooler than before!

5MPx camera
with streaming

ROS ready


RaspberryPi inside

Weight: 6,5kg

Assemble on
your own
leo rover camera

Starting at $1349, Leo Rover is the base you can work with.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you want to build a robot, focus on the add-ons and the functionalities that really matter.
Leo Rover is a stable platform you can deploy outdoor as it’s waterproof and built tough enough for extreme environment.

It’s only up to you how the Rover works.

Leo Rover is open-source and built on RaspberryPi. You can put up to 5 kg of equipment on top and it’s waterproof. With open USB, I2C and servo connections you can use any of-the-shelf components to provide new functionalities.

See the full specification

open source rover raspberry

Let's make a difference in a robotics research

Choose your build

turtle rover maker kit

Leo Rover Maker Kit


Everything you need to build your Leo Rover.
It's just you instead of us who assembles it!

turtle rover

Leo Rover (assembled)


Need a sturdy and reliable platform to work with?
Order your ‘full-metal’ Leo Rover ready-to-go.

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Upload any software you like

robot interface free open source

Robot Operating System + leo_ui

Free - default

Browser-based and ready-to-go interface for driving the Rover, video streaming and 3x servo sliders.
Connect to the 'LeoRover' WiFi and type

Take an advantage of Willow Garage's ROS to implement most of the of the shelf sensors, Lidars and even robotic arms.

Check in the GitHub repository

And mount any addons you need!

robotic arm trossen

Trossen Robotics PincherX


usb waterproof camera

USB Waterproof Camera


rotating platform servo

Heavy Duty Rotating Platform

Free project on

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Our vision is to support  even
the craziest robotics ideas.

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