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Starting at $4799, Leo Rover is the base you can work with.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you want to build a mobile robot. Focus on the functionalities that really matter.
Leo Rover is a stable mobile robot you can deploy outdoors as it’s watertight and built tough enough for an extreme environment.

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It's an open-source outdoor mobile robot ready for your experimenting.

Built on Ubuntu + ROS, waterproof, easy to maintain and easy to customize. With 24/7 support and foolproof warranty.

Everything any curious mind needs to succeed.


+ there are over 40 tutorials and projects ready for you

ros development frame

ROS Development

Prepare for autonomomy development. Run graphical tools to introspect and visualize the current state of the rover.

autonomous path planning

Autonomous navigation

Perform SLAM and autonomous navigation on Leo Rover equipped with IMU and LiDAR

gazebo simulation robot

Gazebo simulation

Simulation of the Navigation and Science Task for the ERC Remote competition.

robot arm on a rover

Trossen WidowX 250

The biggest, and the most capable, robot arm we have ever tried to stick onto a Leo Rover.

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There's new mini-series in our YouTube!

September 19, 2023

robot with nerf gun

Kacper from our team just launched his projects where he experiments with fun ideas built on Leo Rover.

[See it on YouTube]

There are new products added to store.

June 14, 2023

robot charging station

We just added 2 new addons that are now available in our online store. Check them out in the links.

[Leo Rover Charging Station]
[160 Wh Super-battery]

And the best! 1-1 free Slack support

You'll never feel alone when developing on the Rover.
Each community member is invited to join #fictionlab-community private workspace with access to the whole Leo Rover team. Ask us anything. We love even the strangest ideas.

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Custom development services

Do you have plans to build a waiter robot and need a mobile base for it?
Are you working in agriculture and want to test some robotics applications?
Running an exhibition or planning trade shows and want to stand out from the crowd with the best robotics experience for the spectators?

We can help you with the development at any stage.

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