leo rover open source

Develop with us.

We're looking for people who don't want to spend any more time building incompatible code and hardware.
Imagine how much you can do now - with no need to focus on things that don't interest you.
The mission of Leo Rover is to create a community of robot developers who can interchange ideas and services based on the shared hardware.
And now it's up to you: if you get the idea or not?

-Leo Rover team

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Our vision is to support  even
the craziest robotics ideas.

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Start your development

First step to do before you start digging into the Rover code. Connect to the Rover via SSH, learn how to connect it to the Internet and how to change the access point settings.

If you don't know ROS, this tutorial will help you build the right environment to use the Rover semi-autonomous capabilities. Here you'll have the environment prepared either for Linux, macOS or even Windows.

There's a separate tutorial section for different addons that you can either build by yourself or buy from Leo Shop.

Access the Rover .step and .stl models for 3D-printing or further development.

see the user stories from all over the world ->