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About us

Who we are

We are a team of engineers engaged in mobile robotics since 2013. Before Turtle and Leo Rover, we’ve been involved in Mars rover prototypes projects (URC, ERC competitions), stratospheric balloon flights, and helped with REXUS rocket experiments organized by SSC, DLR, and European Space Agency.

‍Working on such space-related science projects, we realized that every time we’d started a new task, we spent too much time on basics and too little on the experiment itself. We’d met teams from around the world who talked about the same stories – working on their own, making the same mistakes and ending up with the same solutions.

‍With those ideas in mind, and after having decided to commercialize our know-how in mobile robotics, we started Leo Rover – a way to speed up your robotics development. Imagine how much you can do now that you let us find solutions for all the basics so that you can focus on the research that really matters.

Mission and vision

Our company is devoted to providing tools for mobile robot developers to make prototyping and deploying robotics concepts easier and more affordable.

What guides us? Here is what Szymon, the CEO and co-founder of Leo Rover, says on the matter:

"What I'm most driven by is to get rid of any "nonsense" from this whole robot development and do more technical stuff, so I try to be very honest when talking to customers. It's something that's visible through our rover's design – it's built with this approach in mind that people who work on the rover will make mistakes. And I want to openly talk about it – that you’re allowed to make mistakes, that you don't have to have it all perfectly planned and functional from the beginning because, in practice, nothing ever works like that. You dropped Leo Rover on the floor? Big deal. You're running a field test outside with Leo Rover and it's started raining? Not a problem. The rover will handle it. And that's where all Leo Rover's features come from – from this idea that you don't have to worry about anything around. And I think it's the most important message I want to maintain – that we want to help people implement their ideas and show them how to do it, not being greedy in the process."

Meet the Leo Rover team

Want to get to know us better? Check out our blog post to learn something about each of the Leo Rover team members!


Leo Rover, Turtle Rover and fictionlab are brands owned by fictionlab sp. z o. o. - a company registered in Poland.

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