Leo Rover Stories - See the Rover in action.

Our Story - Turtle Rover team

A video from 2018 StartupYard Demoday where Szymon from the team talked about the idea, the f-ups of the last years and of course about the future. Let's just see if he was right ...

CES 2019 Seagate booth -Impact Creative

Impact Creative approached us at the end of 2018 with an idea of using Turtle Rover as an exhibition robot for CES in Las Vegas. The Rover carried an AI image-recognition software to showcase SkyHawk hard-drives being used for fast data storage in robotics application.

ExoMars Rover simulation - University of Basel

A project built together with professor Nikolaus Kuhn from University of Basel in Switzerland. We customized Turtle Rover and designed a works-like mockup of CLUPI imager to be carried by the Rover duing simulated missions. The output of the project will affect a way operators use CLUPI in a real-life ESA ExoMars mission.

Mobile robot for radiation analysis - University of Bristol

A team of researchers from HH Wills Physics Laboratory (Bristol, UK) together with ImiTec desiged a device that is carried on top of the mobile robot and is used for radiation mapping. Turtle Rover travelled all the way to Fukushima (Japan) to test the setup in real-life conditions of a disaster site.
Video by:  HH Wills Physics Laboratory - University of Bristol

A shopping mall robotics experience - Gebhard Group

Imagine yourself driving the Rover in everyday situation. Gebhard Group built a setup of two Rovers for Pasaż Grunwaldzki (Poland) shopping mall visitors. The visitors could operate the Rovers during a two week Mars-related exhibition in the mall.

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