Working with FLOX

‍FLOX became a partner of Leo Rover. The livestock welfare company uses the rover in their chicken sheds.

April 19, 2021


Aleksandra Szczepaniak


You surely know that mobile robots can come in handy in a lot of areas nowadays. Leo Rover proves that one of them is a poultry farm. See how the wheeled fella is being used in a chicken shed of FLOX.

About FLOX

FLOX is an AI-driven machine vision technology company that helps flock owners improve bird welfare and flock performance. 

The company uses advanced machine technology for real-time monitoring to facilitate tracking things, including smothering or bird activity round-the-clock without disturbing the animals. This solution allows poultry farm owners to improve their flock's welfare by monitoring clustering and the birds' activity.

Their technology enables a shift to evidence-led, data-driven broiler farming, as well as provides greater visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain.

At FLOX, they combine advanced AI with off-the-shelf sensors to provide the supply chain with the real-time data they need about their poultry.

See more about FLOX here.

FLOX and Leo Rover Cooperation

When FLOX realized it would be easier to monitor the chickens right where they lived, they approached us so that they could implement their AI in Leo Rover. 

Working with poultry and huge flocks on farms is always challenging. You need to make sure that all the parameters are smooth and the animals are living in healthy conditions.

Leo Rover driving across a poultry farm
Leo Rover in action in a chicken shed

At FLOX, Leo Rover serves as a fully autonomous machine, driving in the shed, gathering and processing information which is then handed to the owners. This way, they know how their flock should be treated so that it can grow healthier. 

The company had our full support needed to run the project, which they received via a private workspace on Slack.

Leo Rover rules the roost

If the idea of using a rover in a chicken farm never crossed your mind, now you know it's a thing. Leo Rover is the very proof that, together with AI, it can be used in poultry monitoring. You can find a few other unusual ways our rover can serve mankind here.

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