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The PincherX 100 Robot Arm was designed with educational and research purposes in mind, and is compatible with various software tools such as ROS (Melodic & Noetic), Moveit, Gazebo, and MATLAB®. What's more, the robot arm comes with instructional videos and demos to help users quickly set up and use the platform. With a payload capacity of 50 g and 4 degrees of freedom, the PincherX 100 is an excellent fit for vision-based pick & place, machine learning, and AI applications. In addition, the XSeries arms have a shared open-source code repository, which simplifies applying concepts and skills from one platform to another. It's a great asset to research labs and classrooms.

The PincherX 100 Robot Arm comes fully tested and assembled, made from sturdy materials, including rigid 1/8"P95 acrylic and heat-resistant, high-strength ABS 3D printed components. The arm is mounted on a 7/8" needle roller bearing for stability. To protect the electronics against damage and debris,they’re covered with a transparent acrylic shield.

This version of the Arm comes with a dedicated mounting plate and cable adapters, so you can easily put it on top of your Leo Rover.

PincherX 100 Robotic Arm specification

  • Degrees of freedom – 4
  • Weight – 770 g
  • Reach – 300 mm
  • Span – 600 mm
  • Repeatability – 5 mm
  • Working payload – 50 g

Built on DYNAMIXEL XL430-W250-T servos

  • MCU – ARM CORTEX-M3 (72 [MHz], 32Bit)
  • Position sensor – Contactless absolute encoder (12Bit, 360 [°])
  • Motor – Cored
  • Baud rate – 9,600 [bps] ~ 4.5 [Mbps]
  • Control algorithm – PID control
  • Resolution – 4096 [pulse/rev]
  • Gear ratio – 258.5 : 1
  • Stall torque – 1.5 [N.m] (at 12.0 [V], 1.4 [A])
  • No load speed – 61 [rev/min] (at 12.0 [V])

See the integration manual in the Leo Rover Knowledge Base

Official Trossen Robotics repositories:

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