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Technical parameters: 

Supply voltage: 12 VDC
Charging current: 3 A
Estimated charging time (0-100%): 2 hours (for the standard Leo Rover battery)
Main materials: Aluminum, PLA

Dimensions (in millimeters):

Charging station's dimensions

Additional features: 

• Battery level display,
• Holes for mounting the station to a surface,
• Autonomous docking possibility based on the ARTag (see our tutorial),
• Compatibility with standard Leo Rover chargers,
• Ability to autonomously center the rover on the station,
• Protection against aggressive driving onto the station – once positioned, the rover will be locked in place,
• Easy plug & play modification of the rover – only requires changing the cover and connecting cables,
• Possibility of hot-swapping batteries on the station – without turning off the rover.

Charging process: 

NOTE: A rover with a modified cover with charging pads is required.

a. The rover docks to the station – either by teleoperation or autonomously.
b. During docking, the rover's position is adjusted by the shape of the station to perfectly align with the pads.
c. The charging process starts once the pads on the rover touch the pads on the station.
d. The LED on the charging station changes color depending on the rover's charge level.

LED colors:
• Steady green: ~90% charge
• Steady yellow: ~70% charge
• Slow blinking yellow: ~50% charge
• Fast blinking yellow: ~20% charge
• Steady red: ~10% charge
• Slow blinking red: ~5-7% charge
• Fast blinking red: Below 5% charge

NOTE: Due to the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, it is recommended to leave the fully charged rover on the station for some time in order to balance the battery cells (do not remove the rover immediately after the green LED lights up).

NOTE: The battery voltage can also be checked in the device's interface or through ROS.


Currently, the station has no safety features – beware not to place anything metal on it (with contact to the pads); otherwise, it may result in damage to the charger.

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