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Sandwich plate

80.00 USD


An elevated mounting plate that may become useful when you want to add some mounting surface on top of lidars/cameras/etc.

Pretty much: a copy of the mounting plate.


  • 1x mounting plate (with thru holes - 7mm dia.)
  • 8x m5 threaded distance - 40mm in length (other than in the photos)
  • 4x m5x10 mounting screw

This way you'll be able to elevate the sandwich plate by 40 or 80 mm on top of the original mounting plate.

Simple assembly based on the mounting plate threaded inserts.

(Doesn't include lidar, stereovision camera and USB hub shown in the photos)

This addon can affect the range of the Rover (a little) as the plate may act as a shield for the Wifi signal.

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