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Kell ideas

 199,00 USD



Powerbox is a module that replaces Leo Rover right (additional) quarter to provide features such as:

  • 4x 12V DC power socket (directly from the battery)
  • 4x 5V DC power socket (via 12V-5V 9A DC converter)
  • externally available battery socket (12V DC)

This way you'll be able to:

  • connect additional Lidars, computers (such as Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier NX, etc.), robotic arms (PhantomX Pincher, WidowX, etc.)
  • charge the Rover battery during its operation
  • power the Rover via tether
  • perform battery hotswap - where you keep the Rover operational using stardard battery charger during battery swap

Honestly one of the best modules so far, used almost all the time by our team.

The product includes:

  • 1x Leo Rover Powerbox (assembled)
  • 8x Universal connectors (with screwed terminals)
  • Powerbox-to-battery cable

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