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Core2-ROS controller



 199,00 USD


Core2-ROS controller

Caution: Product available on-demand only for the owners of Leo Rover.

CORE2-ROS is a controller designed by Husarion and used in the newest Leo Rover.

You can get it as a replacement part or as separate robotic controller for your own projects.

(RaspberryPi is not included.)

Description by Husarion:

CORE2-ROS is a robotic controller running Robot Operating System, containing popular interfaces for robotic projects, allowing you to build your dream robot easily, without dozens of shields.

It provides:

  • 4 x DC motor ports with built-in H-bridge
  • 4 x quadrature encoder interface handled in hardware
  • 6 x servomotor interface with built-in DC/DC converter (selectable multiple voltage level)
  • Lots of IO: 42 x GPIO, 4 x UART, 3 x I2C, 1 x SPI, 1 x CAN, 13 x ADC, 8 x interrupt input
  • hFramework - open source programming framework based on Real-Time Operating System and handling peripherals in optimal way with easy to use API in C++ 11 for efficient CORE2 control software development
  • Arduino compatibility layer for hFramework
  • powerful Real-time microcontroller: STM32F4 (@168MHz, 192KB RAM, 1MB Flash)
  • single board computer (ASUS TinkerBoard, RaspberryPi 3P+ or UpBoard) running dedicated Husarion Linux image with ROS preinstalled, with Wi-Fi and Ethernet

You can find more specs and links here: https://docs.leorover.tech/development-tutorials/husarion-core2-ros-controller

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