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Turtle to Leo Rover conversion kit


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 499,00 USD


Turtle to Leo Rover conversion kit

Hardware conversion kit allowing you to update your Turtle Rover to Leo Rover functionalities. Get all the advantages of new Leo Rover with no need of getting full Developer Kit.

We picked all the essential parts and packed them in one box for you to assemble the Rover as a new version.

New functionalities compared to Turtle Rover:

  • New controller - Core2-ROS, with encoder support, controls up to 6 servos, with UART/SPI/I2C/CAN interfaces
  • New electronics box - to fit new controller and your own additional electronics in one box
  • New 5MPx camera that sees IR - you can add IR lights separately to make the Rover see in the dark
  • 12 CPR encoders in wheels - now you'll be able to control the Rover velocity and know the distance driven with the dedicated sensors
  • Open miniUSB connector on top of the mounting platform
  • 24-12V DC converter to fit most of additional components voltage requirements

See the docs:

How to build manuals

Leo Rover documentiation

Leo Rover 3D-models

Kit includes new parts:

  • Main frame
  • Back-frame
  • 00098 3d-printed front cover
  • 3d-printed Main electronics box
  • 3d-printed MEB cover
  • 24-12V DC 10A battery converter + 3d-printed adapter
  • 5MPx IR-ready camera
  • 3d-printed camera adapter
  • Waterproof mini-USB socket
  • Waterproof 3-pin power socket
  • Antenna adapter
  • 90deg tilted antenna
  • Core2-ROS controller
  • Wheel encoders
  • 3d-printed wheel caps (extended to encoders)
  • 6-wire wheel cables
  • all the screws, nuts and pieces needed to assemble

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