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Assembly manuals

Task 6: MEB to frame assembly


Assembly time

5 minutes

Tools needed

  • T10 torx screwdriver

Step 1: MEB to frame


  • Task 2 assembly
  • Task 3 assembly
  • Task 5 mounting plate assembly
  • 4x m4x8 torx screws
  • T10 torx screwdriver

Take 4x m4x8 torx screws that were left from the Task 5.
Pick up the mounting plate assembly, tilt it and push into place.
Pick up the main electronics box assembly and position under the frame.
Lift it and align the MEB distances holes with the frame and mouning plate holes.
Screw these 3 assemblies together using 4x m4x8 torx screws.
Tighten the screws using a T10 torx key.


3D model preview

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Task 7: Wheels to MEB assembly

Task 7: Wheels to MEB assembly

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