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Task 7: Wheels to MEB assembly


Assembly time

30 minutes

Tools needed

  • 5mm hex-head key

Step 1: Wheels to frame


  • 4x Task 1 assembly
  • Task 6 assembly
  • 8x m5x10 torx screws
  • 5mm hex-head key
Grab two M5 x 10 allen head screws.
Screw them half the way into the holes on the back of the wheel assembly.
Place the wheel at the end of the wheel mounts as shown in the picture above. Then, tighten the screws.

Step 2: Wheel cable routing


  • Step 1 assembly
Grab the cable coming from the back wheel.
Press the rubber lead into the designated slot.
Get the blue connector through the hole in MEB box (the one closer to the wheel).
Grab the white rubber seal and press it through the hole. It should lie flat at the side of the box when you are done with it.
You can pull most of the cable inside the electronics box. Leave just enough slack for the cable to be able to hide in the v-slot groove. This will help with securing the cable later.
Do the same thing with the front wheel, this time pulling the cable through the second hole. Again, leave enough slack for the cable to hide in the groove.

Step 3: Securing the cables


  • Step 2 assembly
  • pack of small zip-ties
  • pack of big zip-ties
There are holes designated to be used for holding the cable securely in every wheel mount. For each of the 4 wheels grab the cable with 2 zip-ties.
Grab the plastic cable clips and separate them. (remove the small circular parts from the ends of the stick as well)
Secure the cables in the v-slot grooves by pressing a clip into them. Some force might be needed as the clips were designed to hold the cables as firmly as possible.
Remember to secure the the back wheel cable as well.

Step 4: Connecting the wheels


  • Step 3 assembly
Grab the cable with shorter length protruding into the MEB (the one for the front wheel) and press its connector into the blue socket on the Leo Core(the one closer to the front of the rover).
You can do an analogous operation for the longer cable.
If you want to keep the MEB looking a little bit cleaner, you can pull the cable under the 3D printed electronics cover first.
Repeat the same operations for the other side of the rover and you are done. There should be some leftover zip-ties from previous tasks which you can use to further improve the cable management.

3D model preview

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