Basic guides

Connect via remote desktop


If you are using the full version of LeoOS, you should have a desktop environment installed, as well as an RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol) server. This allows you to remotely control a desktop session on your Rover from your computer.

On Windows

Click Start, type remote and choose Remote Desktop Connection app.

Type in the Computer field and click Connect.

You should see a similar warning. Click Yes to proceed.

You should see the login screen. Choose Xorg session, type pi for the username, raspberry for the password and click OK.

On Linux

Install and open Remmina Remote Desktop Client.

Click on the + icon and fill the following fields:

  • Server:
  • User name: pi
  • User password: raspberry
  • Color depth: True color (32 bpp)
  • (Optional) Name - if you want to save the settings
  • (Optional) Resolution - If you want to use a custom resolution

Click on Save and Connect.

If you get a prompt about the certificate, click OK.

On macOS

Install and open Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Click on Add PC, type in the PC name field, leo in the Friendly name field and click on Add.

Double click on the leo computer to connect.

When asked, fill in the Username and Password.

If you get a prompt about the certificate, click Continue.


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