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Basic guides

Firmware update


Flashing the newest firmware

You can use the leo_fw package to flash the newest firmware from Raspberry Pi without connecting any additional cables. To do this, login to your Leo Rover.

Make sure you have the latest versions of the packages:

And then, run the update script by typing:

The script will guide you through the flashing process.

If you are flashing the firmware for the first time, the script won't be able to determine the board type to flash the correct firmware binary. You will be asked to manually choose what board you have:

  • 1 - for LeoCore (the default option - provided in square brackets, after prompt)
  • 2 - for Husarion Core2

If you don't know what your board type is, you need to see it in the Main Electronics Box. Here are the photos of boards that could be in Leo Rover:

  • LeoCore - available since Leo Rover 1.8
  • Husarion Core2

After choosing your option, you will see what the firmware version will be installed. You need to confirm that you want to flash this firmware, and the process will start.
If you are just updating the firmware, the script will detect the firmware version and board type. So, you will only need to confirm that you want to flash the firmware.


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