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Charging station


Assembly time

5 min

Prerequisites (not included in integration)

  • assembled Leo Rover 1.8

Tools needed

  • 3mm hex key (metric)

Step 1: Charging station assembly


  • Charging station
  • ArUco tag board
  • 3A Charger

Unscrew knurled screw from the station
Insert ArUco tag board into slot on the station and secure the tag using the knurled screw.
Plug the charger into the weipu socket at the back of the charging station.

Step 2: Replacement of MEB cover


  • assembled Leo Rover 1.8 (not included with Charging station)
  • 3mm hex key (metric)
  • modified MEB cover with charging pads
  • 4x M4x12 ISO 4762 screws

Remove stock MEB cover from the rover using 3mm hex key
Unplug barreljack cable from LeoCore
Connect the male plug disconected in previous step into modified MEB cover. Plug the other end of the wire back into LeoCore.

Use the same screws you've removed in the first step to fasten new cover in place.

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