What is Leo Rover for?

With Leo Rover, you can build autonomous solutions without breaking the bank.

May 25, 2023


Malek Murison

All over the world, geeks, makers, and researchers want to try new things. Some invent for the sake of it – which is great. Others are busy developing solutions to real world problems. 

Whether they’re building autonomous systems to collect data in a nuclear fallout zone or robots to explore inaccessible spaces, all of those makers share a common sense of creativity and the ambition that their inventions could eventually make a difference. 

Another thing they share is the expense of development. 

Building and prototyping unmanned solutions is not cheap. The Leo Rover team has been developing mobile robots since 2013, from Mars Rover prototypes to stratospheric balloon flights, to REXUS rockets. Believe us: the cost can be eye-watering. 

It’s easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an industrial robotic platform. And that’s before you even begin to develop whatever it is you want to build on top of it.  

We believe these high costs restrict the creative process and reduce the number of important projects that would otherwise be out there. After all, how many risks can you take, and how many real-world tests can you do if the platform you’re using is too expensive to replace?   

Besides the cost, makers around the world have a limited amount of time to turn their ideas into reality. Research grants and savings only last so long, so the less time spent sorting out the basics and working on the foundations, the better. 

Speeding up your robotics development for less

We launched Leo Rover because of the clear need for an affordable, adaptable robotic platform that’s quick and easy for researchers to start building on top of. It’s based on RaspberryPi. It’s waterproof. And it’s ready to be saddled with up to 5 kg of whatever equipment and sensors you choose.  

We’ve done our best to handle all of the niggly technical challenges that always slow down the start of the development process. So you’re free to focus on the research that really matters. We supply all the parts you need to build your own rover, full assembly instructions, and ongoing support for whatever solution you’re bringing to life. Better yet, our platform is open source, which grants you full access to the source code, circuit diagrams and mechanical documentation. There's also a bunch of tutorials we’ve created that show you how to add more functionality to your rover. 

The aim is to build a community-driven hub and an ecosystem of tools and solutions that anyone building with Leo Rover can tap into.   

Who is Leo Rover for?

The Leo Rover is for research teams who enjoy overcoming technical challenges.

It’s for makers who want to test data-gathering methods in challenging environments. 
It’s for anyone who needs to develop robot-based solutions on a budget. 
It’s for developers eager to focus on the solution, not the platform.
It’s for anyone who’s ready to build their own rover and develop the next big thing. 

The Leo Rover starts from $ 4799. Contact us today to register your interest.

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