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Get to know the members of the Leo Rover team!

July 31, 2023


Aleksandra Szczepaniak

Leo Rover team

You know our product but you might not know who makes it possible. Let’s stroll on the yellow brick road to pull down the curtain of the Leo Rover team and reveal who works their magic behind it :)


CEO & co-founder

Szymon Dzwończyk from the Leo Rover team

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Leo Rover. I'm responsible for coordinating work, the recruitment process, taking care of the staff, running custom projects such as FLOX, and talking to our customers. Also, if needed, I deal with some technical questions from them. 

A long time ago, I began an adventure with Project Scorpio at Wrocław University of Science and Technology where we built rovers for URC and ERC. With Scorpio, my team and I took second place during the URC 2013; then, the following year, we managed to win the ERC. After that, I dropped out of the university, I was no longer part of Scorpio. I started to work for a motorization company but, eventually, I realized it would be nice to go back to the roots – to start doing something I had already had some experience in, eagerness, and a team, so we began making the rover in the basement. That's pretty much how Leo Rover started for me.

When I'm not wrapped up in rovers, I also find pleasure in vintage cars, carpentry, and video games.


COO & co-founder

Aleksander Dziopa from the Leo Rover team

I'm one of the co-founders of Leo Rover so I've been here from the very beginning. One of my responsibilities, from the engineering aspect, is dealing with a mechanical design that mainly has to do with add-ons and custom components to the rover. Another one, from the organizational aspect, is handling logistics – I maintain our warehouse and shipments. I also deal with suppliers and subcontractors.

I studied Control Engineering and Robotics at Wrocław University of Science and Technology on my first degree, and then, on master’s, I did Automotive Engineering. As a researcher at the university, I've been working on prototypes of Martian rovers for the URC and ERC competitions since 2014.

In my free time, I like to devote myself to motorization, traveling, and also business.


CTO & co-founder

Piotr Szlachcic from the Leo Rover team

I've been on the Leo Rover team pretty much from the beginning or, at least, I joined it not long after it had started kicking. I hopped on board in September 2017, right after a crowdfunding campaign. I was simply following the campaign and that's what brought me here. After the campaign, I knew they’d been making cool stuff here and I wanted to become a part of it :)

My duties here have been various – I dealt with stuff related to production, logistics and now I'm partially responsible for the software. I also handle organizational things, for example, linked to the European Rover Challenge. Another thing I have to manage is to ensure that the new electronics are ready on time. But at the moment, the main thing I’m responsible for is planning and overseeing the Leo Rover product development.

I graduated from Wrocław University of Science and Technology with an engineer's degree in Control Engineering and Robotics, and then with a master's in Mechatronics. So, basically, my educational background is very much related to what we do here at Leo Rover.

I love my work but other than that, I'm also interested in sailing – I’ve participated in many competitions. Not to brag, but I was a European champion, Polish champion and a member of the national team of Poland :) I’m also fond of gardening. In particular, I like growing grapes and tomatoes.


Lead Programmer

Błażej Sowa from the Leo Rover team

I joined the team November 2018 while still being a Computer Science undergrad. I started by doing simple tasks as a ROS developer and now I'm responsible for most of the codebase of Leo Rover. 

I studied at the University of Wrocław and graduated with an engineer's degree in Computer Science. Since 2017, I have been a member of the Continuum student association which I am the president of now. The association, similarly to Project Scorpio, is devoted to developing a Mars rover prototype for URC and ERC.

Outside of work, I like to spend my time doing some weightlifting at the gym and learning to play drums.


CAD Designer & Production Optimization Specialist

Adrian Krzemiński from the Leo Rover team

My adventure with Leo Rover started by accident when Szymon had contacted me looking for new people to join the team. I hopped on board and at first, I dealt with packing and assembling rovers for customers. In the meantime, I started to dig up more into the production process. With time, the scope of my duties have changed and I took over mechanical processing and overseeing 3D printing. During my work, I gradually tried to optimize every production process, including 3D printing.

Currently, I’m the main person taking care of our small 3D printer farm – I oversee every aspect of the 3D printing process. My second responsibility is to supervise and maintain the rover parts warehouse software. It’s crucial for our logistics system. Apart from the production process, I’m also a CAD designer. I design the mechanical part of our new, secret project. Its codename is Leonette, but I don’t think I’m allowed to reveal more details at this point. Stay tuned!

Outside of work, I’m the president of the OFF-ROAD Student Association at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. The association is devoted to designing and producing Scorpio Mars rovers – now you know from where I got the passion for robots, right? I joined OFF-ROAD and Project Scorpio right after I’d started studying at the Mechanical Department of WUST and I’ve been working there for 5 years already.

Personally, I’m interested in science fiction. My favorite series is "Battlestar Galactica" but I also know quite a lot about the Star Wars universe. Another interest of mine is militaria, especially the period of World War II in the Pacific Ocean. This is where one of my biggest dreams comes from – to visit a USS Missouri moored in Pearl Harbor on the Oahu island.


Head of Sales

Wojciech Szczepara from the Leo Rover team

I’m in charge of sales and customer support so, basically, I'm the first contact you reach out to when sending an email to I hope that you didn’t wait for ages for a response from our side and, if yes, I am doing my best to improve in that field  :)

On a daily basis, I try to increase customer satisfaction so if you have any feedback regarding our services, feel free to share. Additionally, I am  actively looking for opportunities to show the added value to potential customers of Leo Rover but it’s not that tough thanks to the best engineering department in the rover sector ;)

I spend my free time preparing for mountain and road marathon runs. Strenuous workouts taught me that the preparation process is the key to achieving your dream goals.


Electronics Specialist

Ewa Ziętek from the Leo Rover team

I found myself at Leo Rover in the summer, back in 2018, when I started doing an internship here. From the very beginning, I’ve been dealing with various kinds of things such as packing orders, 3D prints processing, but most of all, I’ve been handling electronics and manufacturing.

I graduated from Wrocław University of Science and Technology with an engineer’s degree in Control Engineering and Robotics. and with a master’s degree in Embedded Robotics.

Outside of work, I’m into many things. In particular, I’m fond of electronics, sport, and sewing.


Assembly Specialist & Mechanical Design Engineer

Kacper Kaleta from the Leo Rover team

At Leo Rover, I’m the guy responsible for packing rovers for delivery. It’s hardly my only task – between orders, I’m busy creating new modules for the rover. I’ve been on the team since the beginning of August 2021.

I studied Control Engineering and Robotics at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. And it’s thanks to my studies that I've found myself here at Leo Rover. For 3 years, I’ve been a member of OFF-ROAD – a student association known mostly for Project Scorpio – where I held the position of vice-leader of the mechanical department. 

Also, before I started working on the Leo Rover team, I had been already working on rovers. The difference was that I was only a mechanic there, whereas part of my job here is related to creating software. This is not my first time with software though – my engineer’s thesis was devoted to a 6-axis robot that I’ve made entirely by myself – apart from electronic circuits and motors, every other element of the project I created single-handedly. Working at Leo Rover enables me to dive more into ROS with the use of which I intend to turn my cluster of metal and plastic into a working robot.



Aleksander Szymański from the Leo Rover team

My responsibilities here, at Leo Rover, include dealing with integrating additional modules into the rover – adding some cameras, sensors, to name a few. If necessary, I also write a code so that a particular device works with the rover. I started with connecting the things which are already described in our tutorials. Generally, I’m a programmer; mechanics and electronics are not my specialties. 

I graduated from the University of Wrocław with an engineer’s degree in IT. The studies provided me with a lot of theoretical knowledge, but there was a wide array of subjects – from AI through plenty of courses where you learn various programming to low-level stuff where they teach you pretty precisely how a computer works.

Other than IT, I’m into soccer. I used to train it but now I play recreationally and like watching matches. For two years, I’ve been a member of Continuum – a student association at the University of Wrocław that focuses on rovers. Interestingly, Błażej from the Leo Rover team is the leader of the association and he asked me once if I wouldn’t be interested in doing an internship here at Leo Rover. And that’s how I got on board :)


Content Writer

Aleksandra Szczepaniak

I hopped onboard the Leo Rover team in October 2021. I’m responsible for creating content for our website, mainly articles on our blog, but I'm also behind the newsletter that some of you receive ;).

My educational path has been a bit… versatile, so to speak. I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Landscape Architecture, but since I knew at that point it wasn’t the right path for me, I then found myself studying Applied Linguistics (English and Russian). A bit surprising change from landscaping to languages, I know. But I’m glad I took this turn as it’s the languages, English in particular, that give me the most satisfaction.

As I like both the English language and writing texts, I’ve found myself at Leo Rover. Although robotics and electronics are far from my areas of expertise, my colleagues are always eager to fill me in on the subject and I’m gradually getting the hang of this whole rover world :).

In my free time, I love devoting myself to the gym, martial arts, movies, TV series, books or comic books. I’m a die-hard DC fan, I’m most familiar with the Batman universe. I also like playing some video games every now and then. So, looks like there is a geeky side to me, after all :).

Leo Rover team at your service

So, you’ve met the members of the Leo Rover team. If needed, you can always contact us at and we’ll be happy to help. You can also use our other support channels about which you can read in this article. Cheers!

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