Unlocking Efficiency – Explore the Potential of RaaS with Leo Rover

Discover the possibilities behind RaaS and see that a Leo Rover might be the very robot for it.

May 30, 2023


Aleksandra Szczepaniak

Leo Rover mobile robot for RaaS

Picture a scenario where utilizing state-of-the-art robots comes without the inconvenience of buying, upkeeping, and upgrading them. Well, now you don’t have to leave it to your imagination as Robot-as-a-Service makes it a reality. This game-changing business model empowers companies and individuals to enjoy the advantages of robots through convenient subscription arrangements. Sounds interesting? Read on ;).

What’s RaaS?

Robot-as-a-Service, or simply RaaS, is a subscription-style business model in which robotics companies lease their robots to customers and clients, allowing them to use the robots for short or long term periods.

Typically, RaaS providers offer a diverse selection of robots adjusted to specific industries and applications. Logistics, retail, agriculture, hospitality, healthcare, you name it – whatever one needs, there’s bound to be a robot for them out there.

And here are several examples of RaaS companies:

Advantages of RaaS over traditional robot ownership

Subscribing to a RaaS business model allows customers to expand their operations, boost efficiency, and minimize labor costs. Rather than investing in costly hardware and dealing with complex setups, they simply need to pay a periodic fee to their RaaS provider who handles all of the robot-related hassles, taking them off the customers’ plate. From implementation to maintenance, to software updates, RaaS providers take care of it all. 

Yet another of multiple benefits of Robot-as-a-Service is staying at the forefront of technology. As robotics advances, RaaS providers consistently upgrade their offerings with the latest innovations. This allows the end-user to have access to cutting-edge robots without worrying about obsolescence.

What’s more, in certain businesses, RaaS can bring additional marketing benefits. Take restaurants, for example. A robot waiter (like this one) simply becomes an irresistible attention-grabber and a captivating attraction within such an establishment, adding a touch of innovation and show. Not only does this enhance the dining experience but also contributes to the overall image and rep of the restaurant, as such an approach sets the restaurant apart from competitors and leaves a lasting impression on customers.

How do we fit into all that?

We’re always up to customize a Leo Rover to suit a wide range of applications and we take pride in our ability to do so. For us, preparing a specifically adjusted robot for a RaaS provider wouldn’t be much different from working on a custom project, ensuring the rover aligns perfectly with the intended application. Speaking of, see this article to learn how to list the requirements for your custom application.

Leo Rover in a poultry farm
A Leo Rover in a poultry farm with an aeration tool attached to it (learn more about this custom development here)

Through our experience, we’ve identified a common challenge faced by our clients who engage in real-world robot applications: their lack of familiarity with hardware. Often, these are businesses well-versed in software but not so much in robotics and robot software. This is where we step in. With our unparalleled knowledge and skills, we’re able to provide exactly what the user expects from us. We bridge the gap by offering the perfect solution tailored to the users’ needs, ensuring a seamless integration and optimal utilization of our robotic platform.

Built with user convenience in mind, the Leo Rover mobile robot is designed to ensure effortless maintenance for the user. After familiarizing themselves with any issues that may arise, the user is capable of repairing the robot themselves (or that’s what we count on ;)).

Overall, the Leo Rover robotic platform is a versatile robot that serves as an ideal foundation for customization. Equipped with advanced functionalities, it can empower RaaS providers to deliver exceptional value to end-users. By leveraging our robot as a flexible platform, RaaS providers can create tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of their clients, fostering innovation and differentiation in the market.

RaaS with Leo Rover is the way to go

Robot-as-a-Service opens up a realm of possibilities for any business, unburdening the end-user of the barriers that once stood in the way and providing effortless automation. 

By choosing Leo Rover, RaaS providers can be confident that they deliver a reliable and user-friendly solution to their customers, and we’ll be more than happy to contribute to that :). Shoot us a message at contact@fictionlab.pl and let’s discuss how we can be of service to you and our robot to your customer.

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