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January 18, 2023


Aleksandra Szczepaniak

Leo Rover

Have you ever wondered how the whole process of getting your Leo Rover looks? If the answer is yes, this article will surely satisfy your curiosity. Let’s see what stages need to be done for you to get your hands on your own Leo Rover. Read on :)

Contacting Leo Rover team

It all starts with you sending us a message. Wojtek or Szymon from the Leo Rover team will respond to your query finding out what your needs and expectations regarding the rover are. Once we’ve worked out all the details and the payment’s been done, our team gets down to it.

Organizing our work

To arrange our tasks properly, we use the Monday platform. There, we keep information about particular orders like yours. It allows us to keep track of all the stages of the orders. For example, with the use of this tool, first, Kacper from the Leo Rover team checks the order info to know if we have all that’s needed.

Manufacturing and supplies

When it comes to the Leo Rover’s parts, all the 3D-printed plastic elements we make ourselves as here, at Leo Rover, our workshop is equipped with several 3D printers.

3D printers at Leo Rover
3D printers at the Leo Rover workshop

As for the other parts, we order them from several places. Despite our best efforts to speed up the whole process, it’s not always up to us to have it all right away. So, if it happens that we’re lacking some of the necessary parts of the rover from our suppliers for the moment, Aleksander from the Leo Rover team orders them. At our workshop, Ewa takes care of the electronics that we got from our suppliers, such as cables, motors, and she makes sure it all works properly. All the rover elements, whether the ones we order or the ones we make ourselves, are thoroughly examined and, if needed, some adjustments or modifications are done so that it all fits.

3D-printed Leo Rover wheel rims
Wheel rims being 3D-printed at the Leo Rover workshop

Packing the rover

In the case of development kits, Kacper scrupulously packs all the rover’s parts and prepares the package to be sent to you. And if you ordered an assembled Leo Rover, he devotes about 8 hours to put it together. After it’s done, the rover’s being tested to check if everything works the way it should. Apart from the hardware, we also test the software.

Assembled Leo Rovers
Assembled Leo Rovers ready to be packed and sent

Once everything’s been checked, it lands in the box. Now, the only thing we need is some duck tape to seal the box, and off it goes. The package with either assembled Leo Rover or developer kit (depending on what you’ve ordered) leaves our door to soon knock on yours :)

Boxes with Leo Rovers
Packages with Leo Rovers ready to go

We stay in touch

If you’re afraid that when you receive your Leo Rover, you’ll have to handle everything by yourself, no worries. Our contact doesn’t end here. You can reach out to us any time, whether you encounter some problem with your robot and need help, advice or simply want to ask us a question. Get in touch with us via email, Facebook, forum, or, better yet, use Slack on which we’ll open a private channel for you. But for now, unpack your Leo Rover and enjoy :). See how to do that here.

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