Real-life game with remote programming

Get remote access to real rovers and code your way through different challenges.

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Connect to real rovers in different scenarios

- Nuclear plant radiation mapping
- Mars rover style survey
- Plywood house of obstacles

... and many more.

Each scenario will be delivered monthly - be quick, you have only 30 days to master the challenge before it's switched to another.

Learn more about the rover

Choose the experience

You'll gain remote access to top-shelf components for developers. It's up to you what you'll use.

Remote control

no programming skills needed

Access video stream and UI and drive the rover manually. You're free to perform the scenario tasks however you like.

Become a true mobile robot operator and see how fun it is!



access ROS-based rover system

Access onboard sensors - LiDAR and RGB-D camera to support the rover autonomy. Implement any additional software you need (Python/C++/javascript) and upload the code to the rover and start the scenario.

You'll be given live preview to see the mission status.

Access the simulation environment and train before you deploy

Every month you'll be given a different scenario to prepare the Rover for. You'll need to act fast and adapt easily to provide the ultimate universal solutions for real-life problems.

You'll have all the time to train virtually before it's your turn to win the challenge.

Schedule your drive and go!

$ 35

single drive

20 min onboarding + 1 hour drive

Have fun driving the rover in this one of a kind gaming experience. Do whatever you like in the open world of this month scenario and join with friends and make it even more epic.


$ 199 /mo.

join the challenge

8 hours of ranked access + training materials and webinars

Join Master of the Scenario ranking list and things will get more serious. Join as an individual or as a team - it's up to you what you'll do to win.


Project Roveyard will soon be launched for beta testers.