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Task 1: Wheel assembly


Assembly time

20 minutes / wheel

Tools needed

  • cross-head screwdriver
  • 2.5mm hex key (metric)
  • 3mm hex key (metric)
  • lithium grease
  • Loctite glue (anaerobic, low-strength)

Step 1: Motor assembly


  • 1x DC motor with wheel cap and cable
  • 1x wheel tube with bearings
  • 4x 2.5x9.5 self tapping cross-head screws
  • a cross-head screwdriver
Insert the motor to the tube.
Secure the motor using 4x 2.9x9.5 screws.
Push the motor cap to the tube to close the assembly.
Press the cable rubbers into their housings.

Step 2: Wheel mounts


  • step 1 assembly
  • 1x lower wheel mounting
  • 1x upper wheel mounting
  • 4x m4x12 hex screw
  • 3mm hex-head key
Place the upper wheel mounting and the lower wheel mounting on the wheel tube (according to the photo).
Assemble the wheel mountings together using 4x m4x12 hex screws. Tighten the connection just enough so that the mountings don't slide or rotate on the tube.
Make sure the wheel mountings pair is aligned with the wheel cap as in the photo.

Step 3: Shaft seal


  • step 2 assembly
  • 1x rubber radial shaft seal
  • lithium grease

Press the shaft seal in the corresponding housing in the wheel tub. The seal needs to be pressed on the motor shaft side, with a groove facing outwards.
The seal needs to be evenly housed in the tube.
Press a decent amount of lithium grease between the shaft seal and the motor housing.

Step 4: Shaft adapter


  • 1x shaft adapter(stainless steel)
  • 1x m4x10 torque screw
  • 2mm hex key
  • Loctite glue

Press a drop of Loctite glue on the torque screw thread.

Insert the torque screw to the shaft adapter radial hole. Don't tighten.
Attach the adapter to the motor shaft. Make sure the radial hole is in the normal axis of the motor shaft plain side.
Press the adapter until there's only 0.5-1mm clearance between the adapter and the wheel tube. Some force may be needed, depending on how much grease needs to be pushed out to make space for the shaft.
Tighten rhe radial torque screw.

Step 5: Wheel rim


  • 1x wheel rim (3D-printed)
  • 1x torque plate (3D-printed)
  • 5x m4x8 round head screw
  • 2mm hex-head key

Push the wheel rim on the assembly bearings, some force may be needed.
Push until the front bearing touches the wheel rim internal step and the rear bearing ends plain with the wheel rim surface.
Assemble the torque plate so the plate 'teeth' match the rim openings.
Align the torque plate holes with the shaft adapter threaded holes and screw them together using 5x m4x8 screws.

Step 6: Tire


  • step 5 assembly
  • 1x tire

There will be 2x step 5 assemblies with a shorter cable and 2x step 5 assembies with a longer cable. Assemble the tires to end up with 1x short cable assembly with the tire thread facing left, 1x short cable assembly with the tire thread facing right, 1x long cable assembly with the tire thread facing left and 1x long cable assembly with the tire thread facing right.
Each tire needs to fit on the wheel rim grooves, some force is needed to push and align them properly. Make sure the front and read lip of the tire are in the corresponding grooves.

Good job! Now 3 more to go.

After the assembly step you'll end up with 2x m5x10 hex screws that will be used later to mount the wheel to the suspension. Store them in the plastic tray.

3D model preview

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Task 2: Main electronics box (MEB)

Task 2: Main electronics box (MEB)

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